Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool #11 - Self Assessing and Reflecting

1)  My favorite tools are Google Docs and Diigo.  I will use Google Docs to create online quizzes and reviews that students will be able to access outside the classroom.  With Diigo I will have available math bookmarks that will take students to helpful mathematics web sites.

2)  I think that with the technological tools available in my classroom this year the learning of mathematical concepts will need to be aligned with the technological changes outside the school.  Students need to work cooperatively with the technological devices in the classroom to find solutions to problems or do research about a subject.  Communication among students outside the classroom to work home works or special projects can be achieved now using different educational web sites such as Edmodo.  Yes, I will have to make changes to my classroom.
3)  My surprise is the vast amount of information/skills that the teacher need to learn in order to be an effective 21st Century teacher.  We need to dedicate time to the development of our technological skills and use our tech savvy students as resources in the implementation of the 21st century lessons.

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