Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1)  It is important to tie technology to the objective due to the fact that students are working with technology outside the school all the time and will use technology in the future even for jobs that do not require a college education.  It is our job as educator to get them ready for the jobs of the 21st century, without the use of technology in our classroom they will have a great disadvantage.

2)  Students need to be accountable for the stations/centers in order to have active participation in the technological activities. The students will need to complete an online activity, answer an open ended question, explain a problem using the recorder or the webcam, etc.  The key is that the students have to demonstrate what they have learned by completing an activity. Teacher need to create rubrics that will help them evaluate students work in the stations.

3)  I like Studyladder and Thinkfinity, these websites have activities that are at the high school level.  Students can work in stations different activities from these websites.  They can use the webcam to video tape the process that they use to solve problems.  The teacher will prepare a set of follow up questions for the students to help them summarize the process used to solve the problems.

4)  A good iPad app is SketchExplorer, students will explore different geometric figures by sketching them and will be able to exchange their drawing with other students in the classroom and outside the classroom.  The teacher could evaluate their work by asking them to email the sketched figure and to write a reflection about what they learn in the process.  Another app is “Geometry:  Volume of Solids” which will provides the students with a quick and simple way to learn how to calculate volume of solids.  The students will work in small groups and will answer a set of follow up questions after the different ways to finding volume are demonstrated.

5)  I will use the iPad as webcam to create videos of students work and have a small library that the students can access to review for tests or semester exam.  The photos application could be us to create a photo album of the students’ works.  The students could use Google Earth to find figures that we are studying in geometry in real life environments.

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